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Our Pandemic Puppy

March Scoop

Sour dough starter kits. Zoom Happy Hours. All the COVID nineteen pounds gained. Stock-piling toilet paper. Wiping down groceries. Home workouts. Pandemic Puppies.

The last couple years have been rough as we’ve all been asked to make certain sacrifices and keep our distance from others. We’ve entertained pandemic trends and thankfully begun parting ways with some of those trends (good-bye Tiger King!), but our version of the ‘pandemic puppy’ is here to stay!

We started daydreaming about starting an ice cream truck business almost one year into the pandemic. Shifting to work-from-home and with our kids in distance learning, we spent more time than ever before with each other. And, we actually kind of liked it. In fact, we loved it. We brainstormed ways we could continue to spend time as a family.

A part of that conversation involved starting our own business. We had always wanted to retire on the beaches of Hawaii, pushing an ice cream cart, serving up some Guri Guri. Despite all the stress and uncertainty, the pandemic taught us an important lesson: life is too short. We need to spend our time doing something we love. Why wait for retirement to start an ice cream business?

And so, the Soft Serve Social began. Born out of the pandemic, this idea- our family owned business- is destined to stick around for many years to come.


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