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An Ice Cream Love Story

February Scoop

Like with most families, ice cream is a love story passed down through the generations.

On any given summer day, Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Margaret would pack up their hand-crank ice cream machine, bag of rock salt, and carton of heavy cream. The two love-birds would then head over to Nick’s family home for an afternoon with the grandkids, catching up on events and telling stories. Everyone would take a turn at the churn until the sweet cream turned into ice cream.

Nick quickly learned that ice cream was a part of Sheyanga’s story as well. For Sheyanga, there was always room for dessert, and dates between them would always (and still do!) include an extra trip to an ice cream parlor. Through their many moves across the US and overseas, the two always made sure to find their favorite ice cream spot: gelato in Chicago, frozen custard in Baltimore, or mango ice cream in Tanzania.

After years spent traveling, Sheyanga and Nick returned to Minnesota to raise their family. The ice cream love story continues with their three young boys. Ice cream has been a great way to ‘hydrate’ after a strong finish in track and field, a way to connect with neighbors on a hot summer day, and always a way to celebrate another year around the sun.

For decades, ice cream has been at the heart of any Beecher family or friend get-together. Through the Soft Serve Social ice cream truck, Sheyanga and Nick hope that others may create their own ice cream love story too.


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