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It’s No Joke!

In our family, we love jokes- Knock-knock jokes, Dad jokes, and sometimes even practical jokes. Needless to say, we love this time of year because of April Fool’s Day.

Flashback to exactly one year ago when we first started discussing our plans to start an ice cream truck business. Some people may have thought we were joking. But while we try not to take ourselves too seriously, this idea of starting a family business was legitimate. Having been immersed in the stress of healthcare and education careers, we wanted a pivot that would bring our family closer to each other and to our community.

There have been several ‘tricks’ we’ve encountered along the start-up phase of our business- supply chain delays, construction snafus, design debates, and of course, more supply chain delays. Despite the days we thought the universe was playing a joke on us, we remembered the reason why we were doing this, took a deep breath, and kept on chugging’ like the little ice cream truck that could.

So as you’re trying to think of the best April Fool’s joke to play for on friend or neighbor (the rubber band on the sink sprayer is our family favorite), we’ll leave you with one of our favorite ice cream jokes: Why does the ice cream truck driver go slow? Because they’re a Sundae driver!


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